Focus on your work. We send the invoices. is a new invoicing solution focusing on compliance and ease of use. It is tailored for solo founder and micro-enterprise.

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Here are some features you can use to get started with your web app.

Create a new invoice in less than 5 minutes. We send it to your client, you get notified when it's paid.


Accept multiple payment methods: credit cards, bank transfer or even direct debit.


We comply to every laws in France and EEA regarding invoicing and payment.

Ready to use

Your account is automatically setup based on your company informations. You check it and you're ready to go.

Payment request

You make the invoice, we do the rest. We send it, your client receives a payment request, they can choose the best payment method for them and you get notified when it's done.

Client portal

Your client can view, pay and download all their invoices on our secure portal. All they need is their email address.

Product page

Sell your product online with a beautifull page to embed on your blog or link to. You don't need an E-commerce website to sell !

Simple, transparent pricing that adapts to your company needs.
5 /month
For solo owner that don't handle VAT.
Features include:
  • 1 account
  • 20 invoices
  • VAT handling for invoices between EEA countries
  • 1% commission on payment request
50 /month
For all businesses that handle VAT or want to have multiple users.
Features include:
  • unlimited accounts
  • unlimited invoices
  • VAT handling for all invoices
  • 1% commission on payment request
  • Cash register security certificate for the administration

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